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Photograph of sunshine through bottles of olive oil by Crystal NedermanReflection of people in The Bean sculpture in Chicago, Illinois, Millennium ParkPlummeting TulipsColored glass windows create a pattern of blocks for an interesting abstract.Reflections of lights in the harbor water creating waves of blue and gold highlights.Glitter balls suspended in a glass sculpture.Reflection in building windows creating a pleasing abstract pattern.Abstract photograph created from the famous ovals and bar on an antique BuickNight time harbor lights reflecting the in waves of the Chicago river.Soft light illuminating the fastback louvers of a black Chevrolet Corvette.Quarter panel of a rusty automobile creating an abstract photograph.Photograph of a black Corvette hood reflecting the bright sun flares.A large rolling disc full of sand, turned around and around to create various patterns in the sand.Reflecting blue skies in water creating pleasing patterns.Color photograph of blue skies reflecting in the Chicago River.Color photograph of night time lights reflecting in the Chicago harbor.Waves reflecting the neon lights of the Navy PierColor photograph of Corvette Stingray vents by Crystal NedermanBlack and White photograph of the spiral walkway at the Vatican Museum by Crystal NedermanPhotograph of window reflection creating abstract patterns in soft blues and golds