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Nighttime photograph of London's Big Ben clock tower by Crystal NedermanPub patrons line the street outside the Golden Eagle Pub in London by Crystal NedermanThis is the famous London Eye taken at night by Crystal NedermanBlack and white photograph of a quick kiss on the streets of London by Crystal NedermanGold reflections of the Parliament buildings in the River Thames by Crystal NedermanColor photograph of the Parliament building at night in London, England by Crystal NedermanBlowing the bag pipes or blowing in the wind, color photograph by Crystal NedermanLondon Eye wire work makes interesting patterns against the cloudy sky.  Taken by Crystal NedermanThe Queens Band leads of the changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace by Crystal Nederman.Photograph of the  Westminster Abbey by Crystal NedermanWestminster Abbey window silhouette by Crystal NedermanPhotograph of the London pub called the Bag O'Nails by Crystal NedermanPhotograph of an English pub, "Hog in the Pound", by Crystal NedermanGreat London pub photograph taken by Crystal NedermanPhotograph of the Tower Bridge and tour boat by Crystal Nederman.Photograph of an English guard standing watch at the Tower of London by Crystal NedermanA color photograph of the halls in the Tower of London by Crystal Nederman