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Rows of gondolas with the bright blue covers front San Giorgia Maggiore in Venice, Italy by Crystal NedermanBicycle and souvenir shop on the cobblestone streets of Rovinj, Croatia by Crystal NedermanPhotograph of sunshine through bottles of olive oil by Crystal NedermanLe Tour de Eiffel #0369Color photograph manipulated into a colorful, abstract orb.Example of the perfect little Basset Hound by Crystal NedermanBlack and White photograph of the spiral walkway at the Vatican Museum by Crystal NedermanPlowing day in Jamesport, Missouri by Crystal NedermanWatching Over the CityColor photograph of laundry criss-crossing the cobblestone walkways by Crystal NedermanWaves reflecting the neon lights of the Navy PierORB - FantasyColor photograph of the polished limestone streets of Dubrovnik, Croatia after dark by Crystal Nederman.